Bunco Mamas... Girls' Night Out!

Bunco is a social event. It’s a party. Twelve of us get together monthly, and we leave everything else behind. Kids are home with dad, and moms have a night out. We come without our diets, and we snack on m&ms, chex-mix, and anything else in front of us. We eat dinner and have double dessert. Most importantly, we have girl talk. We talk about kids, family, friends, husbands, jobs, TV shows, movies, current events, and whatever else. And we have a great time playing a mindless dice game!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Red White & Blue Sky Sodas

Our July Photo Album...
mmm... the chocolate!!!
Shannon, Christine, Sarah, and Amberley

Sarah, Raechel, and Danelle

Amy and Debbie
Wendy, Raechel, Suzanne (& baby T), Shannon, Amberley, Sarah R, Sarah J, Debbie
Julia and Abby.... We missed you! We hope to see you in August!
Thanks, Amy, for coming in as a sub...
and thanks to Betsy Ross who came in as our ghost player for the night!:-)


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